Topseal flat roof refurbishments

Topseal flat roof refurbishments

Topseal have a range of fibreglass flat roofing systems particularly produced for flat roof refurbishments.

Topseal offer high quality waterproofing systems for roofs, balconies and walkways. Their systems come with a 20 to 40 year guarantee.

GRP is a material is used, which is long lasting and has amazing waterproofing features, unlike others which are often prone to only lasting around 10 years.

With the Topseal Overlay roofing system refurbishment roofs will be guaranteed for 20 years.

These particular installs cut down landfill because the old roof doesn’t have to be stripped off and the Topseal overlay products are applied directly onto existing surfaces meaning in more industrial working areas.

The main positive features of getting Topseal roof refurbishment systems is that it is a cost effective job which will guarantee you a watertight roof with their cold-liquid applied system.

Topseal refurbishment roofs are installed only by Topseal trained installers.

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