Total Home Environment helps achieve zero carbon homes affordably

Total Home Environment helps achieve zero carbon homes affordably

Total Home Environment was invited to provide ventilation, space heating and hot water in three of the most thermally efficient houses in the UK.

Built by local builder, Arthur Bland, the three properties already meet the zero-carbon rating standards for new houses set by the government for 2016, they are twice as energy efficient as the PassivHaus standard in Germany and have been built at a cost comparable to conventionally-built houses.

The high level of insulation in the properties meant that a heat recovery ventilation system was needed to introduce fresh air to the buildings without a loss of heat through traditional forms of ventilation as no central heating system had been planned. To meet this challenge, Total Home Environment specified the Genvex Combi 185, which is an all-in-one appliance combining heat recovery ventilation and a heat pump for space heating and domestic hot water. The Combi 185s change the air inside each of the properties once every two hours whilst using 95% efficient counter-flow heat exchangers to recover heat and the air-source heat pump, to further heat each of the homes and their water requirements.

Commenting on the project, Arthur Bland said, “After considering similar systems I chose to specify the Genvex Combi 185 as a single compact appliance with the capacity to accept solar energy if required. The Combi 185 is the best system available in terms of heat recovery - the whole energy bill, including cooking, washing, lighting and entertainment, for the last year for one of the properties was under £500 - I have no doubt that the Genvex has contributed to that huge cost saving.”
The Combi 185 uses priority switching to heat water first in the 185 litre integrated storage cylinder and can be fitted with a bare tube heat exchanger for use with solar heating or a wood-burning boiler. Maximum airflow is 350m³/h and it provides ventilation, space heating and hot water for up to a three people in a 220m² home.

Genvex systems also have the advantage of lasting longer and not requiring the annual service call of a traditional boiler.

Arthur Bland is extremely pleased with the results gained after installing a Combi 185 appliance in each of the properties, as he explained, “I went out on a limb when I decided not to install a traditional heating system and rely solely on the Genvex appliance to provide heat and hot water in each of the homes, however the Combi 185 has surpassed my expectations. The system performs better than predicted which has vindicated my choice and I am completely content with the results.”

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