Touch-free washroom control products at exhibition

Touch-free washroom control products at exhibition

Cistermiser will be showcasing its range of touch-free washroom control products at this year’s Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition, to be held November 1 - 2 in Manchester Central. The range enables health estate managers to upholdhygiene standards whilst maintaining controlled use of water use in the washroom environment. Utilising the latest infrared technology, washrooms in healthcare applications can benefit from Cistermiser’s complete automation, helping to reduce cross-contamination and infection.

Hand hygiene is a key driver in reducing healthcare associated infection. It is vital for washroom facilities to be specified with products and systems that support this requirement. Cistermiser’s WRAS-approved infrared technology aids a touch-free and therefore hygienic approach to washroom use.

Infrared sensors control the Easyflush Wave and Easyflush Walkaway valves from Cistermiser. These provide touch-free flushing and filling of a WC, with no need for direct contact from the user. The Easyflush Wave simply requires the user to trigger a flush by passing a hand in front of the sensor, while the Easyflush Walkaway operates automatically when the user leaves the cubicle. Both valves support a healthcare facility’s environmental agenda by incorporating full and part-flush functions, to ensure that water is not wasted unnecessarily.

Where a washroom facility incorporates urinals Cistermiser’s Direct Flush urinal valve ensures each unit is flushed automatically after use. This supports a high level of hygiene while, because the flush is triggered after every use, unpleasant smells are kept to a minimum too. The Direct Flush urinal valve operates with a minimum level of water, just 0.5 litres, helping to uphold environmental responsibilities and reducing water wastage.

It is not only in the flushing of WCs and urinals that bacteria can be transferred, the very act of hand washing presents a risk too. Traditional taps and percussion, or ‘push taps’, require the user to touch a potentially germ-infested part of the washroom, whilst also risking water wastage.

Cistermiser’s Novatap and Novaspout are touch-free deck and panel-mounted taps, so there is no need for the user to touch a tap in the act of hand washing, helping to fulfil the requirements of BREEAM HEA 12. Novatap and Novaspout rely on infrared technology so that, when the user’s hand is passed across the sensor, the valve is opened. The valve is then closed again, two seconds after the user’s hands are removed, thus limiting the volume of water and reducing water wastage. Cistermiser’s Novatap and Novaspout both deliver water at 3.5l/min laminar flow, minimising the risk of Legionella that could otherwise be caused by aerated, turbulent flow. A periodic rinse function ensures that there is no risk of standing water where bacteria could breed either.

Thanks to the unrivalled water control that Cistermiser’s products provide, healthcare facilities can gain additional credits under BREEAM HEA12. Because infrared sensor control means there is no need for users to touch any of the washroom fittings there is a minimised risk of microbial cross-contamination.

“Healthcare managers and estates professionals must increasingly adhere to many requirements. Primarily the upholding of hygiene standards in the healthcare environment is paramount. Healthcare associated infections are estimated to cost the NHS some £1,000 million every year,” says Lee Thompson, Technical Manager at Cistermiser, “Not only this, but it is also vital that any measure supports an organisation’s environmental responsibilities too. Water wastage is a key issue and therefore systems that enable proper washroom control can help to ensure that unnecessary water waste is avoided.”

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