Touchless Flush Technology; Features and Benefits

Touchless Flush Technology; Features and Benefits

Touchless flush technology has been increasingly popular in public and commercial washrooms for many years, but never more so than now. With the many advancements in smart flushes for both toilets and urinals, Fluidmaster’s Commercial Specification Manager Adrian Hibbert takes a look at the features and benefits of touchless flushing.

It’s possible to specify smart ‘touchless’ sanitaryware across the washroom environment, from soap dispensers to taps, with the most popular focal point for touchless use being the toilet or urinal. Of course, the hygiene benefits of a touchless flush are widely recognised, but what else can a Fluidmaster smart toilet offer which sets it apart from a regular manual flush?

A smart, or touchless flush is an integral part of maintaining superior hygiene standards. No-touch technology allows the toilet flush to be triggered often by the movement of a hand, or in the case of their revolutionary EOS flushing panels, simply by the movement of the user walking away. Primarily this kind of technology stops the spread of bacteria from the toilet flush itself being transferred to the hands of the user and spread further throughout the washroom or bathroom; something which has become more important than ever before in recent times.

In addition to cleanliness benefits, a touchless flush offers a variety of other advantages.

Water Saving:
Offering the most advanced form of modern flushing technology, a smart-flush can offer water efficient flushing, saving money on metred water bills and making a difference to the environment by lessening the demand for water. With a smart dual flush, using either 3 or 6 litres, their IPEE Spectre flushing system activates only when needed; ensuring optimal water use whether installed in a busy public washroom or in a home. A clean toilet, without any wasted water.

Overflow Prevention:
Touchless flushing technology can offer peace of mind from the issues associated with blocked and overflowing toilets. The IPEE Spectre uses a new, innovative form of sensor technology to ensure that the toilet is flushed after every use. In addition, incorporating market-leading overflow prevention, even in the event of a blockage the toilet will not overspill or flood. Ideal for avoiding maintenance issues and sustaining the hygiene of the toilet area, whether in a commercial or residential installation.

Vandalism Proof:
Some touchless smart flushes are able to offer a vandalism proof or semi-vandalism proof solution, meaning that they are ideal for commercial washrooms. Their EOS flush plate is available featuring a stainless steel, impact resistant control panel for safety and security.

Stylish Design:
In the case of Fluidmaster smart flushing technology, the benefits of the IPEE Spectre flush are concealed behind the sleek, modern and attractive EOS control panel. Offering a streamlined and contemporary design, ideal for a modern bathroom scheme, flushing is instigated by the infra-red no-touch technology.

The stylish EOS flush plate is available in glass white, glass black or a stainless-steel finish, to offer personalisation and enhance the surroundings or blend into the tiling depending on the desired aesthetic.

App controlled Settings:
For maximum adjustability with minimum hassle, choose a flushing system that can be controlled remotely by an app.

Some modern flushing options allow you to wirelessly control toilet flush settings using an Android or Apple app via a tablet or smartphone.

Fluidmaster’s EOS flush plate incorporates a variety of app-controlled functionality options including setting or adjusting the interval time for flushing, or even changing the colour of the RGB LED lights within the sensor plate.

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Touchless flush technology is available with all of their IPEE toilet packs which are fully compliant with BREEAM guidelines. IPEE technology and EOS flush plates are manufactured for Fluidmaster by WISA, part of the Fluidmaster family of brands. For more information about Fluidmaster touchless flushing and the benefits to your next project, contact Commercial Specification Manager Adrian Hibbert on [email protected] or tel. 07391 865 666 for more information.

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