Triton’s new ‘Type B’ concrete waterproofing website

Triton’s new ‘Type B’ concrete waterproofing website

Triton’s new ‘Type B’ waterproofing website has been designed as the perfect resource for specifiers of watertight concrete structures.

Triton supplies a complete range of products for structural waterproofing but this new site focuses purely on the company’s BBA approved watertight concrete system that conforms to BS 8102 (2009).

Used primarily in the construction of basements, underground car parks, swimming pools and lift pits etc, the system comprises a unique chemical admix, products for sealing construction joints and products to make repairs.

There are direct links on the site from individual product sections to technical data sheets, detail drawings and case studies on Triton’s main website. The enquiry form lands directly on the desk of technical staff who can help you with your project.

Triton offers full system support, including liaison with the concrete batching plant, mix design, construction joint detailing, site monitoring as well as concrete repair systems and a warranty when required.

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