Twinfix talks Sustainability

Twinfix talks Sustainability

Twinfix are a high quality, safety focused, British manufacturer and installer of roof glazing and canopy systems. Established in 1990, Twinfix are a family owned and managed business, with a long-standing history of providing innovative, quality products in the roof glazing and canopy market.

Twinfix offer standardised and bespoke, long-lasting solutions to their customers. They work across many sectors including rail, education, industrial, commercial, healthcare and leisure.

In today’s world, being environmentally aware and having recyclable credentials is essential. Twinfix were ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable,’ long before these became the watchwords, we all live by. Twinfix’s products are made from aluminium and polycarbonate, two of the most recyclable materials available.

If we remember the environmental ethos of reduce, re-use and recycle, then Twinfix ticks all the right boxes.

Polycarbonate is a sustainable material with minimal impact on the environment and is fully recyclable at the end of its long life. Polycarbonate panels, used in place of glass can be manufactured to give the same look as more traditional glass with features such as Georgian wired but with a significant weight saving.

This weight saving means that transportation, manual handling of lifting is easier and requires less energy, plus the structural elements can be reduced as the weight they are required to support is reduced.

The result is a total saving on energy and materials needed for installation. Once installed polycarbonate is considerably stronger than glass and is unlikely to break. Depending upon the requirements and location of the installation, Twinfix manufacture a ‘non-fragile’ version which, in testing could withstand far greater impact than an equivalent glass panel.

This is especially good for areas where people might accidentally step or fall onto the panels such as rail station roofs. This inherent toughness also reduces the need to replace the glazing panel as often as glass and with UV coatings the panel doesn’t yellow with age or become brittle.

Aluminium is known as the ‘Green metal’ due to its ability to be recycled again and again, without degradation of its inherent properties. Recycling aluminium also saves 95% of the energy required in the production of aluminium from raw materials.

Compared to traditional steel, aluminium is approximately 2.5 times lighter, strength for strength, so again there is a weight saving comparable to that associated with polycarbonate over glass. Unlike steel, aluminium will not rust, and the application of powder coating will prevent corrosion.

Powder coating is a pigment encapsulated in a powdered resin and then cured in an oven to harden the paint surface. This produces an excellent finish which provides superb corrosion resistance and unlike some liquid paints, produces no volatile organic compounds (VOC), so is therefore kinder to the environment. Powder coating can produce a finish in a wide range of colours to suit any application or location.

Vicky Evans, Director at Twinfix said:
“At Twinfix, we provide our customers with a high-quality solution. We take pride in the knowledge that our solutions will withstand the elements, for as long as needed. All our products can be recycled and used again, so they don’t go to landfill or cause environmental damage. I feel we have hit upon a magic formula for sustainability and environmentally friendly products which are aesthetically pleasing and are adaptable to any situation.”

As part of Twinfix’s continuous improvement, they will innovate and develop new products. They will, however, remain true to their sustainable ethos, as these new products will be made of the same recycled materials, moving ever closer to a 100% circular, sustainable business model.

They will not just continue to provide high quality, aesthetically pleasing, well-engineered, canopies, glazing and roof systems, but they will play their role in safeguarding the planet, truly ensuring their products can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Twinfix is a family owned and managed business, established in 1990. Described by some as the ‘Pioneers of Polycarbonate’ we, in the main, offer polycarbonate glazing solutions.

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