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Two temperature Variopool project keeps racers and relaxers happy!

Two temperature Variopool project keeps racers and relaxers happy!

Variopool recently finished a special project in Workum, a small town in the North of Holland.

In the De Rolpeal sports complex, Variopool installed a movable floor and a hinged wall. The bottom has a size of 25 x 5.5 meters and the hinged wall measures 25 x 0.3 meters.

The thing that set this project apart from most others is the ability of the pool to be two different temperature at the same time!

After the hinged wall has been placed upwards, it is possible to work with two different temperatures in the two swimming pools that then arises. For example, competitive swimmers can swim in one pool while small children can swim in a pleasant temperature in the other part, with the movable floor in a higher position.

This is the second Variopool project in which two temperatures are able to be present in one swimming pool. Information about the third project will be released soon.

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