UK’s first Accoya® clad house still looks as good as new

UK’s first Accoya® clad house still looks as good as new

Demonstrating the industry-leading coating credentials of Accoya, the first UK-based home to use the high performance wood for its facade continues to look and perform as good as new, more than four years after the original installation.

In 2007, the architect and owner of Fife House in Scotland specified the use of Accoya to create a wood profiled facade that would deliver low maintenance, outstanding durability and aesthetic qualities.

The sustainably sourced Accoya cladding was supplied with a fully factory finished coating using a translucent Sikkens Natural Balance coating system. This provided a superb aesthetic finish complementing the excellent stability and durability of the Accoya. This combination made it the ideal cladding solution for this sustainable construction project. Accoya was also used for the building’s window trims, ensuring that all timber elements on this project could deliver long term performance.

The soft wood cladding that offers all the benefits of traditional hardwood, Accoya proved ideal to withstand the unpredictable and extreme Scottish weather conditions. As the perfect demonstration of its durability, the cladding is still showing no signs of rot or decay and has no blisters or cracking almost five years after it was applied.

Created as a result of 75 years of research and development, the successful application and performance of Accoya at Fife House is a shining example to how this new species of wood could become the top choice for sustainable, low maintenance developments without any compromise on quality.

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