ULMA drainage channels for Industrial Areas. Why should we choose them?

ULMA drainage channels for Industrial Areas. Why should we choose them?

Learn how ULMA’s KompaqDrain® range offers a good option for installing drainage systems in industrial areas.

It may be difficult to find the most suitable drainage system for industrial areas.

In places, such logistics platforms or loading docks the security requirements are high. The drainage system should be efficient, secure and be able to withstand heavy loads, braking and manoeuvres.

ULMA have several options for these kind of areas, but in this article, the focus is on the KompaqDrain® family.

Benefits of choosing KompaqDrain®

1. It is compact. This maximizes the security. The channel and the grating form a one-piece unit, ensuring greater rigidity. The grating will not come loose under any circumstances and it will be able to withstand the heavy loads and the traffic hustle that is common in these areas.

2. It is long lasting and resistant. The whole piece is made of polymer concrete, an anti-corrosive material that offers great durability and exceptional resistance.

3. Its directional elements. The Max – Flow effect. These channels have curved design inlets, which drive water inwards increasing the water entry speed and therefore, the drainage capacity. Moreover, these progressive widening inlets prevent dirt blockage and the water speed ensures an efficient self-cleaning effect.

4. It has a non – slippery surface. The grating area has a special geometry to improve the grip. Moreover, the Industry model has its surface designed without protuberances, to avoid vibrations in crossing vehicles, preventing possible falling or overturning of loads.

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