ULMA's drainage technical consultancy service

ULMA's drainage technical consultancy service

The main function of drainage systems is to remove rainwater. However, other needs must be taken into account, depending on where they are installed ie. motorway services, airports or shopping centres.

Good advice on your drainage system avoids problems and gives you peace of mind.

It is essential to have a consultancy service that, taking into account all the necessary parameters (location, rainfall, surface slope, weight to be borne by the grating (load type) and length of the drainage line), defines the model best suited to the site.

In a commercial car park for instance, one of the features is that their drainage systems must cope with constant traffic, be it cars driving or people walking over the channels. So safety is essential.

Silverburn Shopping Centre acknowledged both these factors and with ULMA’s consultancy service, have installed 1100 linear metres of KompaqDrain City channels in its car park.

The channel and grating of the KompaqDrain City model form a single monolithic system ensuring strength throughout the whole channel. As the grating forms part of this system and is not separate there are no risks of lifting or shifting, coupled with smaller collection holes thus preventing trips and falls!

By narrowing the size of the collection holes (with openings ranging from 8mm to 16mm), ULMA can help improve accessibility and mobility, which are so important in busy spaces like a shopping centre car park.

It is also important to highlight, that KompaqDrain channels can drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel which helps to optimize the cost of the project.

Thanks to the hydraulic calculation and the security of having the technical justification, you will have the guarantee that you have made the right decision.

You will optimise your time with ULMA's engineering and technical service department.

To get advice on your next project, contact ULMA here.

ULMA ‘s drain channels are gaining more specification in the UK and becoming the choice of Channel drain for those who exercise their right to choose a system known for Outstanding quality, Competitive Prices, Excellent delivery and good old fashioned Customer Service.

If you have not already discovered ULMA Channels please take a look at their brochures here.

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