ULMA's Pre-sloped Drainage Channels

ULMA's Pre-sloped Drainage Channels

"In order for water to flow smoothly for an efficient drainage, we need a sloping surface".

Sometimes, what seems most logical,.... turns out not to be so. And can be solved in a different way.

In more than 30 years of experience in drainage solutions, ULMA has solved many drainage projects where the surface area did not have any slope and this was necessary for the correct drainage of the area.

So what can be done in these cases? How does ULMA solve the problem?

By installing channels with a built-in slope.

There are different slope options that can be achieved:


Channels of variable height with a built-in slope of 0,5% and 2,5%, according to the model.
Very appropriate for areas where the ground has no natural slope. .

A combination of straight channels of various heights that are joined using step connectors.
Simple and economic onsite excecution when slopes need to be included.

A combination of the previous systems. Very appropriate to drain long-lenght stretches. It allows for the optimization of hydraulic capacity to the utmost.


Two of ULMA's most popular families of channels have models with a built-in slope, with which they manage to create inclination where it does not exist but where it is needed.

MULTI V+ Range

The Multi V+ range has channels with a built-in slope of 0.5% up to class D400 in its 3 models of width 100, 150 and 200.


If the project requires a higher load capacity, there is the CIVIL F range - the only drainage channels on the market with a real pre-slope of 2.5%. This range goes up to load class F900.

Thanks to this marked difference in level, the CIVIL F channels provide greater hydraulic capacity, because with the pre-slope, the water runs faster.

And thanks to the speed it reaches, it drains more water, as if larger channels had been installed.

It also saves on cleaning and maintenance because, thanks to the speed of the water, it carries away the accumulated sediments and creates a self-cleaning effect. Watch this video to see this in action.

There are many projects where ULMA have offered this solution:

The Silvertown Tunnel in London, the Pontypridd High School in Wales, the Port of Naples in Italy, Hotel Vela in Barcelona, Krakow Arena in Poland, among others.

However, for more information on ULMA's pre sloped channels, please contact the team and you will be attended by real people with real solutions.

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