University in Corby

University in Corby

Client: Northampton County Council
Type of works: supplied Em-Glaze® duo-pitched continuous rooflights

The University in Corby required high levels of daylighting into corridors and circulation areas, whilst minimising ‘Heat-Gain’. The rooflight design was to be of high quality and visually pleasing.

Whitesales Em-Glaze® duo-pitched continuous rooflights were chosen as the ideal product for this project. The double glazed units comprise of 6mm solar control outer toughened, 18mm argon filled cavity and 6.4mm low E laminated inner. These are installed with thermally enhanced aluminium glazing bars and flashing and have a thermal transmission of 1.1W/m²k, sound reduction rating of 34dB, a light transmission of 68%, and a solar transmission of 37%.

The Solar Control glazing combines high light transmission with a low solar gain, reducing the requirement for expensive cooling systems. The glazing specification enabled the designers to comply with the Building Regulation SBEM programme. Combined with a guarantee of 10 years and a life expectancy of 25 years, these units are recyclable, which contributes to a minimal environmental impact.

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