University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

Type of works: supply and installation of Fotosorba digitally printed acoustic panels.

The Division of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Glasgow decided it was time to give its staff and student Social Room a bit of a revamp. A new kitchen area, storage cupboards, flooring and appliances were installed. Due to the age of the building (opened in 1923), there were very high ceilings, and one wall of the room has ceiling height windows. The break-time chat was echoing all over the room.

Soundsorba was contacted by a representatvive from the university who informed of the importance of the acoustic properties as well as the aesthetic properties. They wanted a panel which would incorporate these ideas into one simple solution.

"We contacted Soundsorba, who advised that we had the option to design our own panels, so a call went round staff and students, asking them to send in photos of their study species, travels, interests and fieldwork sites. From the 4 acoustic art panels we designed, plants and animals ranged from; an underwater hermit crab, bats in a cave, a crested bird from Trinidad, a common dandelion, a clouded leopard and the view from our field station on the banks of Loch Lomond (Dubh Loch). A favourite of most is the photo of the blue-footed booby bird and its eggs, which was taken by a member of staff while on a trip to the Galapagos Islands, near Ecuador . "

The University provided the images and Soundsorba did the rest. The noise problem has now been eliminated and has added a touch of art to the Social Room.

"Everyone in the Division is very impressed with how good the panels look, and the break-times are a far more enjoyable time - with far more tolerable sound levels!"

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