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Vandersanden launches extremely energy-efficient kiln

Vandersanden launches extremely energy-efficient kiln

Brick manufacturer, Vandersanden, has recently installed a new, environmentally friendly paver kiln at its production site in the Dutch town of Tolkamer, where its paving bricks are manufactured to create beautiful streets and landscapes.

The new tunnel kiln reduces CO2 emissions from the entire production process by approximately 25%. As a result, governments and designers can apply circular paving with a reduced environmental impact. The cut in emissions is due to extremely high insulation values, the vapour density and the application of the latest kiln techniques. The state-of-the-art tunnel kiln is perhaps the most innovative and environmentally friendly tunnel kiln in Europe at the moment.

"Vandersanden likes to invest in the future. With this tunnel kiln we can demonstrate that we are not only acting sustainably, but also thinking sustainably and for the long term. In this way, we are evolving towards a CO2-neutral future," says Jean-Pierre Wuytack, CEO of Vandersanden.

The firing and drying process of bricks has a relatively large environmental impact. That is why Vandersanden decided to invest in an environmentally friendly and sustainable tunnel kiln for paving bricks to ensure they are produced in the most energy-efficient way. Vandersanden aims to extend the CO2 emission standards in the production processes and is ready for an energy transition to the circular economy.

With a length of 240 metres, the innovative tunnel kiln is around 60 metres longer than a conventional tunnel kiln and replaces three older tunnel kilns of 140 metres, while maintaining the same production capacity. In addition to this remarkable length, the kiln has a stacking height of 80 cm. Heating and cooling within the baking process therefore happens much more gradually, as a result of which the kiln has much less heat loss than the other kilns. Compared to its predecessors, the new tunnel kiln reduces CO2 emissions by up to 25%, which represents a saving of 5000 tons of CO2 on an annual basis. The efficiency of this kiln is therefore far greener.

"The energy savings are mainly in the firing of the pavers because less energy is lost thanks to the longer tunnel and the insulation. For example, the walls, deck and pipes of the tunnel kiln are equipped with high-quality and extremely thick insulation, energy is used optimally, and the latest firing techniques are used," says Michel Degen, Director of Paving at Vandersanden.

With this Vandersanden has built perhaps the most innovative and sustainable tunnel kiln in Europe. "The tunnel kiln principle in itself is not new, but the techniques and insulation used are, which makes it even more energy efficient," adds Degen.

A CO2-neutral future

With this new tunnel kiln, Vandersanden is demonstrating that the company is not only acting sustainably in the short term but is also looking to the future. The new economical kiln makes the environmental impact of Vandersanden's pavers even more favourable and thus reduces the ECI (Environmental Cost Indicator) value.

This is valuable for clients and designers. "Our investments contribute to the transition to the circular economy. We significantly reduce the production of emissions from our pavers, which have an unsurpassed lifespan of 125 years on average and a recycling rate of around 90%," says Degen.

With energy-efficient solutions at both product and production level, Vandersanden demonstrates how the public space can be designed in the most environmentally friendly way. Vandersanden is consciously working on extending the CO2 emission standards in its production processes. "We like to invest in the future and believe in a sustainable vision. We don't stand still when it comes to sustainability and are even on the way to a CO2-neutral future," concludes Degen.

Vandersanden's sustainable vision extends from a healthy and safe workplace to the collective wellbeing of the community and the sector. The solar panel roof in Tolkamer and at other production locations are a good example of this.

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