VDC Trading Lends Its Support To The Charlie Jones Scholorship

VDC Trading Lends Its Support To The Charlie Jones Scholorship

UK cable specialist VDC Trading is delighted to support a new live audio training initiative being established by Wigwam Acoustics in conjunction with the School of Sound Recording in Manchester.

The Charlie Jones Scholarship Scheme, which was launched at the end of 2006, is in memory of Wigwam engineer Charlie Jones who died earlier this year. Charlie played an important part in the growth and development of Wigwam over the past twenty years and was widely regarded as one of the industry’s best live sound engineers, as well as a teacher and mentor to many young, up-and–coming engineers. Charlie not only recognised the importance of education in the industry, but also enjoyed investing his own time to inspire and develop trainee engineers. The scholarship has been created in Charlie’s spirit.

The Charlie Jones Scholarship is linked to SSR’s Audio Engineering Course and is intended for young people who would otherwise not be able to afford this type of training. Helen Jones (Charlie’s sister) is funding a place at SSR, while the college and Wigwam are funding two more places and working together to develop real-world live sound training through which students will benefit from direct contributions from the most respected organisations working in the UK industry today.

The new live sound module will be integrated in to the Audio Engineering Techniques and Technology course from March 2007.

As part of the scheme, SSR and Wigwam are equipping a 2000 sq ft live room within the SSR complex for reality training. VDC Trading is supplying all of the necessary cable for the installation. The room will incorporate a db loudspeaker system with a Digidesign console. Wigwam is installing 48 ways of active splitter to feed FOH/monitors and also 48 ways of mic split into two of SSR’s nine existing studios for recording purposes. There will be 16 tielines and eight AES lines between the live room and the studios, plus Cat 6 and digital coax lines throughout the school. VDC is also supplying mic cables, jacks and speaker cables for the main PA, the Martin monitor system and the L Acoustics delay speakers.

Niall Holden, managing director of VDC Trading, says: “This is a very worthwhile initiative and one we are delighted to support. The live sound industry needs properly trained engineers who understand the technological developments that have been taking place in recent years. This course, with its emphasis on practical training by experts, will go a long way towards addressing those needs.”

Chris Hill, Wigwam’s director, adds: “Wigwam has already secured the participation of some of the industry’s major manufacturers and individuals to provide demonstrations, lectures and training on the latest products and techniques used within the live sound industry. We feel confident that the training these young people will receive will benefit the entire industry.”

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