VDC upgrades the VR experience of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

VDC upgrades the VR experience of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Thorpe Park have enlisted VDC’s expertise to upgrade the immersive multi-sensory experience of one of their most popular rides.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is set on a replica London Underground train; each guest wears a VR headset which in turn is connected to a PC.

The ride combines live action, VR and show scenes with extensive use of projection, lighting and sound, and was a world first for Thorpe Park Resort and a huge leap forward for theme park technology.

VDC Trading were called in to support Thorpe Park with their plans to upgrade the service and further enhance the guest experience. The resort had decided to bring a more realistic technology experience to life within the 20-tonne suspended carriage, so they revisited sections of the ride to make it fully immersive.

VDC ensured the headsets were fully functioning to completely immerse guests in the experience. Central to achieving these results was revisiting the cabling. VDC came up with a custom solution for the Ghost Train that offered the robustness and ease of install and replacement required by the Thorpe Park team.

VDC has helped Thorpe Park to deliver the scares and the immersive experience their guests crave, and, since the ride has reopened, guest feedback has been very positive.

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