Velux lights up St Francis Primary School

Velux lights up St Francis Primary School

33 longlights from Velux Modular Skylights were chosen for the new St Francis Primary school in Ventor on the Isle of Wight. The new school is a big transformation from the previous building, which struggled to transmit light in the classrooms meaning pupils were learning in fairly darkened rooms.

Since the opening of the new school, headteacher Angela Hewkin has noticed how the new bright and ventilated environment has helped the youngsters "It's a good learning environment and the children appreciate the light space and the climate controlled effect, whatever the weather- hot or cold".

As well as being extremely effective in creating a new vibrant learning environment, the modular skylights are also very pleasing on the eye. BJ Smith, of main contractor Wilmott Dixon, commented "The modular Skylights are aesthetically pleasing. They aren't bulky and have a good finish. The sharp, compact features fit well into the building. It is an innovative product for the market". Teachers at the school can operate the Skylights with the VELUX user-friendly remote control. The unit provides easy access to venting and sunscreening-functionality as well as scheduled operation and other programming features.

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