Ventilation and gas pressure proving, commercial kitchens

Ventilation and gas pressure proving, commercial kitchens

VGPS-K is an easy to use Ventilation & Gas Pressure Proving system because an LCD display gives solutions and full status information.

If the ventilation is not switched on, the LCD display informs the operator that the fans are off and to switch on the fans and restart the panel.

From within the panel the engineer can, for guidance purposes, check for a drop in gas pressure in the kitchen as well as get a valve let by indication. Mbar readings are given on the LCD from both sides of the valve.

The current monitoring unit or pressure differential switches can be used.

The VGPS-K-CO2 also features CO2 monitoring. The system ensures all fans are running before gas can be used. It also carries out a gas pressure prove on the cook line and continually checks that the incoming gas pressure is sufficient.

In addition, it monitors the carbon dioxide level to ensure that HSE set levels are not exceeded. Should the carbon dioxide level rise above 2,300ppm the panel LCD will advise staff to “increase the ventilation fan speed at the speed controllers.” The maximum allowed level of carbon dioxide is 2,800ppm, as published in HSE catering sheet 23 revision 1. At this level, the system will isolate the gas and advise the staff to ventilate the kitchen.

Gas pressures and carbon dioxide levels can be displayed on the LCD by pressing the “gas on” or "alert" LED on the fascia.

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