VIALOW Carbon Neutral Asphalt


Global building materials solutions supplier CEMEX is proud to present VIALOW, a new addition to the VERTUA family of low carbon and sustainable building solutions.

CEMEX's purpose is to build a better future, and they believe asphalt is an essential part of our country’s infrastructure.

However, they also recognise future construction needs to be balanced with the effect it is having on the environment. It is for this reason that carbon reduction is at the heart of the government’s construction strategy as it works to move the country to a low-carbon economy by 2050.

CEMEX want to help their clients to specify lower carbon asphalt solutions. With the launch of VIALOW, CEMEX aims to make it simple for clients to choose asphalts with a lower embodied carbon, offset residual emissions and help drive vital change.

Utilising a specially formulated bitumen additive, VIALOW Asphalt is manufactured at up to 40°C lower than standard asphalt mixes with no compromise in performance.

VIALOW is available in all Asphalt Concrete Base, Binder and Surface courses as well as Hot Rolled Asphalt (only where pre coated chippings are not required), Stone Mastic Asphalt and their full proprietary range.

The lower temperature of the manufacturing process can also help to improve the long-term performance and durability of the asphalt, as high temperatures in conventional mixes can have adverse effects to the ageing properties of the binder.

Reduced temperatures also offer additional safety and environmental benefits which include a reduced risk of burns and lower odours, making a more pleasant working environment for both workers and neighbours to the construction site.

The reduced mixing and paving temperatures of low temperature asphalt can cut fume generation by around 50% for approximately each 10°C reduction in temperature.

VIALOW can achieve up to a 20% reduction in embodied carbon emissions when comparing against standard conventional mixes.

The remaining unavoidable emissions can be offset if you select CEMEX's VIALOW zero option where they work with Natural Capital Partners, a carbon offset and carbon neutrality specialist.

CEMEX's offsets are verified by the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and include projects focusing on the planting of trees.

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