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Vibrant hotel signage can create engaging environments [BLOG]

Vibrant hotel signage can create engaging environments [BLOG]

This blog was written by xsign.

The challenge for hotel accommodation is to remain in a state of high demand, which relies heavily on customer feedback and reviews to demonstrate how desirable the hotel is. In order to maximise positive reviews the hotel has to give their clients the best experience possible, and that means not only delivering service to at least meet their expectations, but ensuring that the environment and atmosphere of the hotel excites and engages visitors.

Hotels can engage their visitors with décor and furniture, but signage and graphics can breathe fresh life into a tired hotel lobby. Signs and notices in hotels have several roles, including:

• To direct guests - Hotels could consider using interactive, digital maps and screen technology as a means of welcoming visitors and offering wayfinding around the hotel and outside spaces.

• Expedite check-ins- Digital maps and touchscreen displays can also speed up the check-in process by offering screens that collect information from guests to enhance the check-in experience and provide consistency.

• Hotel room wayfinding - Modern, digital printing techniques can provide high resolution signage that dazzles guests.

• Show off the aspects of the hotel - Printed wall graphics can display high-quality photography from around the property or of the local environment, so that guests know what to expect and can get excited about their stay. Interactive digital totem signs can show different parts of the hotel, such as restaurants, swimming pools, and exercise rooms.

• Reinforce branding and identity- Wayfinding signs and graphic displays can help guests feel a part of their environment and welcome in the hotel they are staying in, helping the hotel to attract that guest to a stay in the future.

When modern design aesthetics is coupled with xsign's patented sign technologies, hotel managers can create bespoke, inclusive signage systems that make use of braille, tactile and 3D printed sign types, aiding accessibility and creating interesting architectural features.

The flexibility of graphic manifestations in hotels can create vibrant areas and display features by covering unsightly walls and windows, dramatically impacting the ambient light and the feel of the space, all at very reasonable cost, with a large range of style finishes to create any look or feel required.

Modern print technology means that artistic and creative signage and graphics can be produced quickly and easily, making an area look fresh and inviting. Vinyl graphics can be either printed on different sheets or even one, continuous roll to cover a large area effortlessly, and printing techniques mean that it is easy to change an area.

The hospitality industry is changing, and part of that evolution is being driven by the ease with which signage can be used to impact the look and feel of hotels. Make your hotel stand out and you will be attracting excellent customer reviews and more happy hotel guests.

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