Videx enhances Videophone Systems

Videx enhances Videophone Systems

Videx has introduced a new 6200 series of videophones which combines a modern, slim design with an extensive list of features suitable for a wide range of commercial and residential UK properties.

The 6200 series includes four different models that each have a 3.5 inch LCD TFT high definition display within the video kit range: the 6256 and 6286 for the VX2300 system, the 6231 for the 4+1 systems and the 6272 for the VX2200 system. They all include high end features such as timed privacy, camera recall, intercommunication between phones and caller memory.

The 3.5 inch screen makes the video kits suitable for applications including large projects with multiple monitors such as student accommodation, sheltered housing and residential accommodation when using the Videx VX2200 system. Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager, Videx said:"The 6272 videophone can be used on systems with up to 998 apartments and requires only six wires. The 6286 videophone requires only two wires for up to 100 apartments and are suited to high rise installations and student accommodation".

Up to four monitors can be used in each apartment with the additional feature of intercommunication calls between monitors. Door panels can have one or two call buttons and up to four call panels can be connected. A choice of door panel style is available to suit all environments including residential, offices, schools and hospitals - places where these kits are often used for their reliability, functionality and robustness.

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