Videx launches new videophone series

Videx launches new videophone series

Videx has introduced a new 6276 series of videophones following the success of the 6272 videophone which has been the leading choice for a wide range of commercial and residential UK properties.

The new 6276 for the VX2200 system carries all the features of the 6272 including a 3.5” colour LCD screen, low profile design, tactile push buttons, camera recall, door release and handset but with the additional feature of timed privacy allowing each apartment to select their own privacy time.

The VX2200 system is a popular door entry system due to its flexibility and choice of entrance points and apartment stations. With its integration on to an IP network allowing on site and off site concierge facilities, it can be used for multiple block systems as well as individual blocks with one or more entrances.

On the other hand, the timed privacy is a very popular choice with local authorities and housing associations up and down the country as it enables tenants to put their videophone in a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode which will automatically switch off and allow calls through after a pre-set time. It therefore made sense to make a videophone, compatible for the VX2200, with the ability to provide timed privacy.

The timed privacy feature resolves the issue found on none timed privacy devices where the tenant/resident could switch the privacy on and forget to switch it back off again and so no longer receive any calls. It can be set from 15 minutes through to 20 hours and is indicated by a red light on the videophone which will illuminate while the privacy feature is active.

There’s an option for the privacy time to be manually switched off at any moment simply by pressing the privacy button again. The privacy time and call tone melody programming are available to the user through the buttons on the videophone allowing each user to customise the settings to their preference.

There is no additional installation needed for this new feature allowing the 6276 to be interchangeable with its predecessor, the 6272. The 6000 Series family also includes hands-free versions with timed privacy should hands-free speech be preferred over the conventional handset. These include the 6378 with a 3.5” colour monitor, the 6478 with a 4.3” colour monitor and the new 6778 with a large 7” colour monitor.

All models, which can be wall mounted or sat on a table or desk, are low profile and finished in a satin white and can be used on the same installations allowing users to choose their preferred option based on functionality and price.

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