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Walk-on rooflights installed on breathtaking roof terrace

Walk-on rooflights installed on breathtaking roof terrace

Glazing Vision Flushglaze walk-on rooflights have been installed on the 1200 square foot roof terrace a luxury property directly across from the St Francis Yacht Club on Marina Boulevard.

A series of Flushglaze walk-on rooflights from Glazing Vision were specified. The rooflights were designed and tested to withstand heavy foot traffic whilst maintaining watertight integrity. The Flushglaze walk-on rooflights also had the advantage of being able to be installed flush with the porcelain floor tiles used on the main roof terrace, making for a perfectly flat surface.

A lack of any visible internal framework meant that, crucially, these rooflights would not spoil the visual effect – on the contrary they would enhance the contemporary appearance of the roof terrace, adding a distinct wow factor.

For the three rooflights located on the main deck the glazing had been specifically ordered with a sandblasted finish. This would result in a more diffused light entering the bedroom suite below, but would also improve obscurity, thereby offering greater privacy too, an important factor for the client given that the roof terrace would be used frequently for entertaining guests.

Additionally, the sandblasted finish provided better slip-resistance than standard glazing. Slip resistance is measured using mean Pendulum Test Values (PTV), with values of 25-35 deemed as having moderate slip risk and 36+ as a low slip risk. Glazing Vision’s sandblasted glass achieves a PTV of 50 as standard, well above the threshold of PTV 36 to be categorized as having a low-slip potential, and it was considered ideal for use at Marina Boulevard.

The fourth of the Glazing Vision Flushglaze walk-on rooflights, and the largest at 67 x 34 inches, was installed on the viewing platform, and unlike the other 3 rooflights, its glazing had a fritted finish. A screen-printed frit, that included particles within the ink to create a rough texture, was applied to the glass in a unique pattern to provide 40% coverage, significantly increasing the slip resistance of the glass. Indeed, fritted glass generally achieves a PTV of 60, thus providing an even better slip resistance than the sandblasted.

The generous size of the Glazing Vision Flushglaze walk-on rooflight on the viewing platform also ensured that daylight flooded the narrow walkway underneath, from which the adjacent master bedroom sitting room also benefited. Complimenting the contemporary staircase leading up from the main deck, this almost frameless rooflight stylishly combined with the IPE wood flooring to create a kind of nautical feel.

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