Wall lights alleviate “wall acne” in residential bedroom

Wall lights alleviate “wall acne” in residential bedroom

Nicola Holden of Nicola Holden Designs provides a case study on bedroom lighting from Chad Lighting.

“Bedrooms are a place for relaxation and sleep, and therefore require soft background light without glare. Bedside lights provide visual focus in a bedroom.

A bedroom task light is usually for reading in bed. The bottom of the shade should be about shoulder height to provide a spread of light over the page – any lower and the page won’t be lit, and any higher and you will get glare from the bulb.

These Avila wall lights from Chad are great lights to put beside a bed as the switch is on the light itself, removing the requirement for additional ‘wall acne’ (as it’s known in our trade) in the form of separate switches – neat and tidy.”

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