Warehousing Facilities: Building Type BS449

Warehousing Facilities: Building Type BS449

Property managers of one of the UK’s largest infrastructure networks approached Elwell with the requirement for a modular design of building that could be easily adapted for each of the clients' 200 plus UK sites.

The client was keen to minimise the number and type of building supplied throughout its network. Therefore, following in-depth discussions and proposals, it was decided that a standard span and height of building would be the most effective way forward. In addition, the client also desired that, if required, a complete building envelope be made up of a combination of fully-enclosed secure units, open-fronted areas, insulated modules and single-skin constructed units, in any combination to suit the function of each site. Combined with this, a standard range of options, inclusive of various types and size of door, fire exits, access points, rooflight panels, windows, partitions, ventilation and open voids were all offered to accommodate the layout of each site.

A large proportion of sites had restricted access; the unique Elwell panel design is ideal for just such situations. Buildings comprise of factory-finished lightweight components that simply bolt together on-site to form the building structure. Therefore, panels can be easily transported through or around obstacles as required, hence access issues became largely irrelevant. The panel construction allows units to be permanently sited, extended, split or fully relocated as required, making this style of unit ideal should further development or redevelopment be required at any point in the future.

The Elwell Buildings modular system bestows significant advantages. Units are designed and manufactured with the latest Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) in mind. The majority of construction and design is off-site. Consequently, this significantly improves on site Health and Safety, reduces build and construction time, maintains costs and guarantees consistent levels of quality. Hence, this contract was successfully completed and handed over on time and within budget.

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