Waterfront Development, Brighton Marina

Waterfront Development, Brighton Marina

Client: Brighton Marina
Contractor: Flat Roofing Solutions
Type of works: supply of more than 3,000m² of a built-up felt-roofing system to protect the Waterfront Development roof from coastal elements.

More than 3,000m² of a built-up felt-roofing system from Icopal has been used to protect the roof of the new multi-million-pound Waterfront Development at Brighton Marina against the harsh coastal elements.

Eastbourne-based roofing contractor Flat Roofing Solutions chose Icopal to supply the roofing materials for the new development, which consists of retail outlets, hotels, bars and restaurants, because it had used Icopal's systems in the past and had always been impressed with their performance.

The built-up system on concrete, metal and plywood decks consists of Icopal's Elastotac vapour-control layer, Rockwool 150mm torch-on Duorock insulation board, Elastogum underlay and Elastogum cap sheet in green mineral. The entire system was torch applied and is covered by a 15 year guarantee.

Julian Rodgers, Contracts Director, Flat Roofing Solutions, says: 'Icopal's built-up felt-roofing system was the ideal choice for us because we knew it would provide a high-performance and durable roofing solution for a seaside development, which really needs to withstand the elements. We have worked with Icopal for some time now and have always been impressed with their system as well as the quality of their service.'

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