Waterless urinals at Stonehenge

Waterless urinals at Stonehenge

URIMAT waterless urinals by Ecoprod were installed at the Stonehenge vistors' centre in Amesbury, Salisbury.

The URIMAT waterless urinals were specified by the architect because the site is not connected to a mains water supply. Because all the water for the Stonehenge site has to be extracted from a borehole, this means that the use of freshwater on site needs to be kept to a minimum.

All waste water is treated on site and tankered away. The URIMAT waterless urinals are key to ensuring that the load on the sewage processing plants is kept at a minimum.

On a busy day during the summer period the site can see round about 9,000 or more visitors so it’s really important that the technology copes with that amount of footfall. Since installation the site has had no problems whatsoever.

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