Wefatherm gets full WRAS product approval

Wefatherm gets full WRAS product approval

Wefatherm PP-R piping system has been granted full Product Approval by WRAS, the U.K.’s Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Wefatherm is manufactured by the Aliaxis Group at its advanced Marley factory in Wunstorf, Germany.

Wefatherm is the world’s first fusion welded PP-R pipe system to receive the accolade of full Product Approval after many exacting mechanical test procedures. WRAS specify ten rigorous test regimes including the pipes being thermally cycled 5,000 times at 10 bar between 20° C and 95° C, and the fittings tested at 64 bar at 20°C and 14 bar at 95° C.

The system already holds WRAS Material Approval, which ensures excellent hygiene for potable water with no taste or smell contamination. The new WRAS Product Approval goes further and confirms its mechanical performance. This means the Wefatherm PP-R system can be installed in every water provider’s area in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland being fully compliant with the United Kingdom’s Water Regulations.

PPS Director, Steve Smith, said:"No other PP-R system, Green, White or Grey, marketed and installed in the U.K. has WRAS Product Approval. Clients, specifiers, and regulatory authorities, are increasingly demanding WRAS approved products. Contractors shouldn’t risk non-compliance by installing un-approved products.”

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