Welsh company leads the way with green insulation

Welsh company leads the way with green insulation

Excel – recycling newspapers to save energy and building costs in line with new regulations

Rhymney-based firm Excel Fibre Technology is tackling new building regulations by offering UK construction businesses a way of meeting targets that’s greener than anything the competition can muster.

Excel manufactures WARMCEL insulation by recycling newspapers – sourced locally wherever possible – offering industry-leading thermal performance and locking in carbon which would otherwise be released as environmentally harmful methane at landfill. What makes WARMCEL especially relevant at the moment, however, are the new ‘Part L’ building regulations…

These dictate that all new buildings must have greatly improved green credentials and carbon footprints which are 25% lower than the Government’s previous 2006 building regulations.

While there are many ways of working toward these stringent targets, perhaps the most important and useful is ensuring that new buildings are airtight – the less warm air and energy wasted through the building structure, the better.

WARMCEL is a loose fill fibre which offers airflow resistance and is installed in such a way to ensure complete void fill within building cavities. Excel has test data to prove its airtight performance is significantly better than more traditional insulation types.

“These regulations are a very big deal for anyone in the construction industry, and we’re delighted that it’s a Welsh company offering the solution,” commented Excel sales and marketing manager Nigel Bosanko. “Builders, architects and housing developers – they’ll all benefit from meeting the new targets without having to fork out on expensive green offsetting technologies. And for every order of WARMCEL that comes in, less used newspapers are buried or incinerated and less heat energy is lost from a building, so the environmental benefit is truly significant.”

The company even runs schemes whereby it helps schools raise much-needed funds, encouraging pupils to collect used newspapers – enhancing community engagement whilst promoting recycling among the younger generation.

Nigel concludes: “Excel will continue to develop its products in line with the needs of UK industry. We are always looking for local partners to work with in collecting newspapers for recycling, especially schools, so if you have an idea – big or small – please get in touch with us.”

Excel has been manufacturing recycled cellulose fibre products for over 30 years, making it one of Wales’ longest-standing and most successful green businesses.

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