Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, London

Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, London

Type of works: supply of Accordial Wall Systems’s Glassplan sliding/folding doors.

Accordial Wall Systems, in conjunction with Parry Bowen, were enlisted to complete the shopping and restaurant areas of East Street and South Street in the new Westfield Shopping Centre.

The project involved four phases stretching over the two streets on both ground floor and first floor levels. A combination of the different Accordial Wall Systems Glassplan ranges of sliding/folding doors compliment this new and most innovative shopping experience. Both the Glassplan ASL60 and ASL81 units were used. Constructed from thermally-insulated aluminium and offering top- and bottom-hung panels, the Glassplan system was a natural choice with a project value of £400,000.

The bottom tracks were provided as a flush threshold that were set into the floor of the shop entrance. The screens used were end folding panels of either single- or double-wings. All panels were supplied with flat handles to offer easy opening from the inside.

A total of 44 screens were installed, which consisted of 356 panels. The approximate area covered was 760m².

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