What is a Shower Tap and how do Shower Mixer Taps function?

What is a Shower Tap and how do Shower Mixer Taps function?

Tired of the frustrating dance with separate hot and cold shower taps? Jaquar's shower mixer taps offer a welcome solution. Imagine effortlessly achieving the perfect temperature with a single lever or handle. No more scalding surprises or icy blasts – just a luxurious, controlled showering experience every time. But Jaquar doesn't stop there. Their mixer taps boast stunning designs that complement any bathroom aesthetic, making them a perfect blend of form and function.

What Is A Bath Shower Mixer Tap?

A bath shower mixer tap is a multifunctional fixture that combines both a bathtub tap and a shower outlet into one unit. It allows you to seamlessly switch between filling your bathtub and enjoying a refreshing shower, all from the same tap.

Types of Shower Mixer Taps

At Jaquar, the variety is as diverse as the tastes of their discerning clientele. From sleek and modern to timelessly elegant, our range of shower mixer taps caters to every style preference. Here are a few of the most popular options:

Bath Mixer Taps: These versatile taps combine functionality for both your bathtub and shower, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two with the simple flick of a diverter. Jaquar's bath mixer taps come in various configurations, from single-lever designs to more traditional two-handle options.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers: Our thermostatic mixer showers are a game-changer for those seeking the ultimate in temperature control. These advanced systems maintain a consistent water temperature, ensuring a safe and comfortable showering experience, even if there are fluctuations in water pressure or temperature.

Concealed Shower Mixer Taps: Sleek, minimalistic, concealed shower mixer taps offer a clean and modern look by hiding the plumbing behind the wall. Our concealed designs are visually stunning and provide easy-to-use controls for adjusting water flow and temperature.

Exposed Shower Mixer Taps: For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, Jaquar's exposed shower mixer taps are a timeless choice. These taps feature all the components – handles, valves, and spout – mounted externally, creating a focal point in your bathroom.
Styles and Functions

The beauty of shower mixer taps lies in their versatility. Not only do they streamline your bathing experience by combining multiple functions into one unit, but they also enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom. With sleek designs, premium finishes, and innovative features like thermostatic controls, Jaquar's shower mixer taps are designed to elevate your bath space to new heights of sophistication.

Installation Of Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Installing a shower tap in your bathroom is a relatively straightforward process, especially if you're replacing an existing tap. With Jaquar's easy-to-follow installation guides and high-quality fittings, you can have your new shower mixer tap up and running in no time. However, if you're unsure or prefer professional assistance, it's always best to consult a certified plumber to ensure a seamless installation process.


In conclusion, shower mixer taps are essential fixtures that combine style, functionality, and convenience in one elegant package. With Jaquar's premium range of shower mixer taps, you can transform your bathing experience into a luxurious retreat, where every moment spent in the shower is a moment of pure indulgence.

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