What is an Intelligent Vision Camera?

What is an Intelligent Vision Camera?

An Intelligent Vision Camera (IVCam) creates accurate multi-dimensional digital drawings within seconds direct from a photograph.

Today’s industrial and commercial processes require measurement information about their equipment and components in a digital format. Traditional methods of measuring (tape measure, ruler, micrometer or similar) can be both time consuming and slow when it comes to obtaining the finished drawing. The ICS iVCAM digitiser is a complete non-contact solution for all your digitising needs.

The IVCam Digitiser is a revolutionary, handheld system, which provides accurate digital drawings within seconds. The system comes complete with a high quality digital camera, calibration device and calibration files. The software has an integral range of automatic features as well as a large selection of manual tools for the more advanced applications.

The ICS patented range of surface measuring devices combines digital photography and laser technology to provide fast and accurate measurement data. This range allows architects to measure buildings, engineers to measure components and quality managers to carry out 2D and 3D information. These systems help to increase profit by eliminating manufacturing errors and increasing productivity in a variety of industries, from the construction site to the production line.

The range includes the portable, hand held (IVCAM), fixed bench (IV3D) systems to production line units (IVInLine), designed to meet the needs of today stringent quality requirements.

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