What pedestals to use for Class A decking [Blog]

What pedestals to use for Class A decking [Blog]

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If you are in the process of specifying decking for a balcony, terrace, or other specified attachment, then you will be aware of current UK regulations that require such decking on high rise buildings to be Class A fire rated.

Building fire regulations, which were introduced following the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, now require residential buildings above 18m to specify non-combustible building materials on all external walls and specified attachments.

This ensures the safety of residents through reduced risk of fire and extended opportunity for firefighters to reach the scene of a blaze.

Therefore, external flooring, such as decking, must be fully compliant with UK fire safety regulations with all of the individual components specified meeting at least Class A2 – s1 d0 rating against the European Standard BS EN13501-1.

This includes the pedestals, whether included in the decking system you choose or which you specify individually. Such pedestals must be engineered to the highest standards of safety and meet the Class A rating.

Non-Combustible Decking Pedestals

Once you have specified the surface material for your Class A decking you must also consider the pedestals, if the system you are going for requires them.

Here is a selection of considerations you should make before specifying Class A pedestals:

  • Non-combustible to BS EN 13501-1 fire classification and Euroclass A fire-rating
  • Designed and engineered for external flooring whether paving or decking
  • Fully adjustable pedestal system to support a terrace or balcony structure
  • Withstand standard weight requirements
  • Strong, durable, and long lifespan
  • Allow quick run-off of water
  • Corrosion-resistant and sustainable material choice

  • Pedestal Accessories

    It is also crucial that pedestal accessories should also be made of appropriate A-rated materials. You do not want to compromise fire-safety with plastic or rubber shims or spacers, for example.

    Unless the material is naturally non-combustible, such as metal, you will need to ensure certification to show that the component does not contribute to the spread of fire or smoke.

    When specifying external flooring applications, fire-rated pedestals are a key component in the delivery of a safe but attractive high-rise balcony or terrace.

    On a similar note, specifiers should seek to choose a manufacturer that has a wealth of experience within the external flooring market. The quality of projects where the manufacturer’s products have been specified will say a lot about the quality of pedestals that they produce.

    With decades of experience and a portfolio of impressive projects, why not choose Alfresco Floors as your next partner in delivering a fully A-Rated external flooring solution?

    With that in mind, be sure to check out The A-PED®: one of the UK’s only Class A1-rated pedestal for balconies, walkways, terraces and any other specified attachments, exclusively at Alfresco Floors. If your project requires the correction or the addition of an incline, the AR-Pave and AR-Deck systems have an in-built slope correction facility of up to 5%.

    The Alfresco Floors team is always on hand to assist with any queries you may have, so give them a call on 020 8977 0904.

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