What Surface Materials Deliver Class A Decking? [Blog]

What Surface Materials Deliver Class A Decking? [Blog]

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Class A decking, whether A1 or A2, is crucial in the specification of external flooring on high rise buildings. Due to UK building regulations, any buildings over 18m are restricted from using combustible materials in and on the external walls and any specified attachments, including balconies and terraces.

Non-combustible decking is rated Class A through the Euroclass fire-rating system and is deemed safe in the instance of a fire as it will not contribute to the spread of flames or smoke.
In this blog, Alfresco Floors will be exploring what surface materials help you to deliver a professional Class A decking system.

Options for Class A Decking

Materials such as porcelain, concrete, metal, and stone are naturally non-combustible, and would meet the conditions of the Class A fire-rating.

It must be remembered that Class A can be split into Class A1 and A2 and are still approved construction materials for decking. A1 materials are completely non-combustible whereas A2 materials have limited combustibility. Both types are considered non-combustible and are permitted on external applications on buildings of any height.

Porcelain Class A Decking

Porcelain is a popular choice due to its versatility and durability. Its impermeable scratch resistant surface means that it will never fade, stain or corrode. Additionally, it doesn’t allow unsightly mould or moss to grow. You can also achieve a variety of visual affects with porcelain tiles – from wood to concrete.
Please be aware that some porcelain is a better quality than others. For ultimate longevity, we recommend Italian-made porcelain pavers.

Stone Class A Pavers

Stone paving is a great solution for those aiming to achieve a modern, yet rustic and natural look. The texture and appearance make the natural stone paving truly stand out – whether you opt for Yorkstone or Granite.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete is a great solution for those wanting to cover a large surface area. It is often the material of choice for those seeking a more practical solution. Alfresco Floors offer the Carreau and Rockstone ranges which can be personalised with bespoke colour options.

Aluminium Decking Solutions

Aluminium Decking is a great surface material for your external flooring. AR-Deck from Alfresco Floors paired with the AR-Pave is a 100% aluminium decking system, comprising of aluminium deckboards with a fully adjustable pedestal and joist sub-frame.

Depending on what your aims are – and the purpose of application – each surface material listed above has its own unique properties, meaning you can have a safe but attractive flooring solution for either your balcony, walkway, terrace, roof or winter garden.

Class A Subframes for External Flooring

Don’t forget that the whole system needs to be Class A rated, not just the decking surface material.

The subframe and joists must also be non-combustible, as each component must be Class A rated and safe for high rise buildings over 18m. That’s what Alfresco Floors specialises in: fully compliant external flooring solutions that provide you with a complete and comprehensive Class A rated system.

For the paving options above, Alfresco Floors offer the AR-Pave. It is a 100% aluminium paving support system comprising of adjustable pedestals, joists, spacer tabs, side stops, and end stops.

Conclusion: Choose Alfresco for Your Class A Decking

Alfresco Floors Class A-rated sub-frame systems: A-PED, REIF DuraLink and AR-System are the perfect solution for your high rise specified attachment.

The team at Alfresco Floors have unrivalled experience in exterior flooring. Alfresco Floors focus their efforts exclusively on the products and solutions that we know offer the best combination of not only fire safety but price, prestige, and practicality.

To find out more about Alfresco Floors products, call on 020 8977 0904 or visit their website www.alfrescofloors.com.

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