What to consider when looking at roof lights

What to consider when looking at roof lights

When choosing a roof light for your home, there are more than a few important considerations to take into account. Thermal efficiency, ventilation, solar control, safety, aesthetics, cost, maintenance, the list goes on. Sound daunting? Howell's Patent Glazing have some top tips to help.

Midlands manufacturing firm Howells Patent Glazing (HPG), experts in bespoke roof designs and manufacture, offer their advice to homeowners when it comes to the finer details. With an impressive portfolio, and years of experience, they are on hand to guide buyers through the technical terms and jargon when it comes to selecting a the perfect roof light.

Flat roof skylights offer maximum light exposure, and the integration of specialist supporting bars will create an uninterrupted flow of sunlight due to this design's framing. There are many options for flat roof lights, including hip ended, gable ended, traditional lanterns and contemporary flat glass types. Walk-on options are available for those with a sense of adventure, with the ability to be incorporated within balcony flooring or roof terraces. Remember - It is essential to use safety glass within any overhead glazing.

Sloping windows can incorporate traditional patent glazing or a fully thermally broken system. The choice of modern solar control glass can be used to good effect in reducing solar gain and glare. As for ventilation, allow fresh air to flow into your home as well as sunlight by incorporating openers, either manual or electric in operation. Another ventilation option to consider is accompanying roof vents.

Another consideration to think about is the view the glazing will provide, as well as which style will best suit both the interior and exterior of the home. It might be that a different internal finish is require compared to the external profile. Different internal and external profile finishes are available including square, ornate and raked features to suit the application. There are also lots of different profiles available, at varying levels of cost, from slim lines with large glass to more traditional frames.

For a more dramatic effect, often favored within more traditional builds, Howells suggest a true lantern roof light that incorporates both slanted and vertical windows. Vertical window height is available in variable, bespoke sizes and allows top-hung opening vents to be situated within the windows. Pyramid, octagon and even dome glazing should also be considered.

Time for everyone's least favorite chore - Cleaning. Low maintenance, modern glass options that benefit from self-cleaning upgrades make things even easier, and Polyester powder coated aluminum is also considered to be a low maintenance finish to any roof light.

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