When choosing emergency lighting, is it still enough to just tick the compliance box?

When choosing emergency lighting, is it still enough to just tick the compliance box?

When choosing emergency lighting, is it still enough to just tick the compliance box?

Commulite doesn’t think so.

Commulite believes they can do more. More to safeguard your residents, more to save you time and money in the long term, (with typical payback in under 3 years), and more to save the environment (with average reduced CO2 emissions of 70%).

Commulite knows that budgets are often squeezed and the cheapest up-front option can seem like the best option. But it is really?

When designing an emergency light system, consideration of the following must be given:

• Changes of direction / corridor intersections
• Changes in floor levels
• Stairs
• Final exit points
• Escape route signs
• Fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment.
• First aid points
• Refugee and call points
• Plant rooms, manual release for electronically locked doors
• Moving stairways
• Escape equipment for disabled people
• Some toilet facilities (including disabled access use)

With a Commulite system, every luminaire is also an emergency luminaire, meaning all of the above considerations are automatically covered. They survey the building and create detailed installation plans so you have no need to worry about any of the above points.

In the event of a power loss or emergency situation Commulite provides bright, uniform light levels throughout the building for over NINE hours; that’s three time the statutory minimum requirement, enough to get residents safely through the night in a power out situation, as well as providing obvious benefits to residents and attending emergency services in an evacuation situation. Choosing a superior system also future proofs the investment against any future compliance upgrades.

• Simple guaranteed compliance with BS 5622
• Every luminaire is an emergency luminaire
• Brighter emergency lighting for up to nine hours

Routine testing of emergency lighting is a legal requirement. When it comes to emergency lighting compliance, Commulite puts you in full control. Commulite’s remote monitoring and testing makes this a simple and reliable process, enabling all emergency light testing to be carried out and data-logged without even visiting site. Furthermore, their web portal allows you to view and download test results and status data for all your Commulite communal and emergency lighting installations and interface with other systems.

Safe lighting is paramount and Commulite gives you (and your residents) peace of mind in any situation.

What about the energy savings?

LEDs will definitely save energy, but if a light is on when it doesn’t need to be, or is producing more light than is needed, then energy is still being wasted. To realize the full energy-saving potential of LED lighting requires an intelligent control system that gives the right light, in the right place, at the right time. This is Commulite. It has a fully automated control system that provides optimum light levels and makes fully automated daylight-saving adjustments. Every Commulite luminaire has nine different light outputs and power settings ranging from 2 to 18 watts, which can be independently controlled. This enables every luminaire to be programmed to suit its location, time of day and time of year, maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy usage. Full CIBSE lighting guide compliance is guaranteed, and their unique opal diffusers ensure uniform light levels without glare or spotting. Providing you with minimum energy costs, and minimum light pollution.

• Fully addressable, programmable luminaires
• Automated intelligent controls
• Average energy savings of 70%

As well as the tremendous energy and carbon savings, there are zero recycling costs with the Commulite system. Commulite is a member of the Lumicom-accredited WEEE Directive scheme. All components are individually bar coded and tracked from manufacture to installation, and at the end of their working life, they are returned to Commulite for recycling at no cost to you, your residents or your contractor. On installation of a Commulite system they also arrange for old fittings to be removed from site and recycled free of charge, with all finite elements reclaimed. Saving you the cost of skips, as well as helping the environment and contributing to the circular economy. The Commulite system is MADE IN BRITAIN, giving us excellent quality control and further underlining their commitment to sustainability by avoiding the hidden carbon emissions associated with imported equipment. Commulite also partners with Just One Tree to plant a new tree for every Commulite luminaire installed.

• Lumicom-accredited WEEE Directive Scheme member
• ZERO recycling costs
• No hazardous waste

What about the maintenance costs?

Commulite offers a seven-year warranty. You can run your communal & emergency LED lighting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and still be covered for ALL parts and labor. Their luminaires contain a high efficiency LED board that has a tested, long working life, no batteries, no chargers, no inverters, nothing to go wrong, nothing to replace in that time. In addition, the system self-tests and monitors its status so you don’t have to. Commulite only uses the best LEDs, offering superior performance, reliability and longevity. Our fittings are equipped with a tough steel casing, tamper proof seals, and the LED light board is virtually indestructible.

• ZERO maintenance for up to 7 years
• Fit-and-forget luminaires, tested to IK10
• Total budget certainty

So, if you agree with Commulite and would to enjoy more long-term benefits than just ticking that compliance box, call them now on 01277 600 300 or email info@commulite.com

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