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Why 2020 will bring a boost in Glamping holidays [BLOG]

Why 2020 will bring a boost in Glamping holidays [BLOG]

This blog was written by Glampsan.

We at Glampsan, believe that more people are becoming interested in eco-friendly, off-grid and sustainable holidaying that is offered by the glamping experience. This blog describes why we predict that 2020 will bring a boost in glamping holidaying interest.

Firstly, what is glamping?
Glamping is a term derived from glamorous luxury (or boutique) camping, Think camping and caravanning combo, with a posh twist. Typical glamping accommodation examples would be shepherds huts, treehouses, log cabins, hobbit-huts, yurts, and even super-big luxury tent/cabins. Often glamping units come complete with internal wood burners, and private toilet and shower, rather than public shared facilities offered at campsites. Many glamping experiences may also provide a private outside hot-tub too perhaps with a wood burner.For the holidaymaker, it's important to note that glamping is nothing like camping. Glamping is more about the experience and spending downtime to recharge in a place that is inspiring. Glamping gets you to enjoy nature while having the comforts of home, that also offers varying degrees of high quality, luxuriousness and ease. It's a bit like a 5-star experience under the stars.

Glamping has an eco-friendly environment focus, with a unique artisan and quirky feel. There are lots of different glamping experience options available to you. We will come back to this theme again later.

Health and wellbeing:
As already mentioned, glamping pays respect to nature while providing you with time reconnect to it. In the fast pace busyness of our lives, we often neglect to take the time to de-stress, recharge and at the same time enjoy being in the great outdoors. The UK, for example, offers beautiful countryside right on our doorstep. We all know how the benefits of spending time in nature to restore our health and sense of wellbeing. Whether you go for a long walk, or simply relaxing to renewing your sense of wellbeing on a warm sunny day, the glamping experience brings these benefits.

So, the glamorous side of glamping promises to take all the stress out of traditional camping that many people do not want from a summer holiday. And, because of its uniqueness, people enjoying this new experience tell their friends and family all about it.

Enjoy the great outdoors with your family or friends:
Glamping vacations offer families and friends a fun, outdoor adventure experience. It provides the time to unplug from the hurly-burly fast pace of life and reconnect with oneself and spend more quality time as a family and or with friends. This is true even on days when it rains too.

Eco-friendly, off-grid, sustainable holidaying:
Behind the scenes, we at Glampsan help to make possible that perfect glamping experience by dealing all the water and effluent waste. As we have mentioned, people today want to experience more eco-friendly, off-grid, sustainable living. More of us are conscious of our carbon footprint, and that means not travelling by air so much and driving eco-friendly vehicles. Moreover, more of us want to optimise the use of water, being more aware of what we all waste and conserving what we use. All these things are influencing our holiday choices too.

To this end, more Glamping businesses are promoting the use of waterless toilets, such as Composting Toilets, as part of their unique sales proposition. While this takes a bit of time for some of us to get our heads around this way of using the toilet, it is, in fact, slowly becoming more natural as we get used to it in everyday life. In Finland, Norway and Sweden for instance, Composting Toilets are a way of life for summer log cabin retreats. For those seeking that type of Glamping experience, it can help them to become accustomed to getting away from flush-and-forget WC's and going back to nature more and more. However, if that's not your thing, then other glamping offers will, of course, offer flushing loos.

At Glampsan, we supply a one-stop-shop of water and waste sanitation solutions to meet the needs of the Glamping sector that supports the needs, wants and desires of the holidaymaker. This includes Composting Toilets, effluent collection tanks, and lifting pumping stations (where distance and gravity is an issue).

Our latest products are eco-friendly Package Sewage Treatment Plants - these are becoming cost effective solutions for larger glamping business and where flushing toilets etc are used. Such plants work in exactly the same way as municipal sewage treatment plants, but are a mini version. These eco-friendly solutions use natural mechanisms to turn raw waste water into clean quality water without the use of electricity. That means glamping sites can process their own waste water without being connected to mains sewage pipework - in rural locations that's a real bonus.

Read the full blog here.

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Glampsan specialise in managing water and waste solutions for the Glamping sector. They supply plastic tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres for above and below ground storage of sewage waste and water.

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