Wienerberger bricks chosen for award winning building

Wienerberger bricks chosen for award winning building

Wienerberger’s Terre Doree bricks were chosen for the award-winning Gee Street project in Clerkenwell, London. The bricks provided a truly creative way to allow for natural ventilation, with openable panels on the inside wall allowing for the air to flow in.

Alongside mechanical ventilation solutions it also means the building neither requires cooling or heating whilst the outside temperature is between 0 and 28 degrees. Judges were impressed with the intricate style the perforations created, and with the cream-coloured brickwork extruding from the glass windows, a striking and modern looking building has been born.

The façade concept for the building was clear: Situated in the historic Clerkenwell warehouse district, it needed to achieve horizontal continuity to emphasise the length and vertical discontinuity to reduce the appearance of height.

After much consideration, Wienerberger’s Terre Doree brick was chosen because of its resemblance to Mediterranean terra cotta wall blocks, which in northern Italy are used to make perforated walls for feed drying barns. They also preserved the aesthetic quality of the large sheets of glass without all the sliding ironmongery required to make glass openable.

The Gee Street building impressed the BDA Award judges in a number of ways. By using perforated and extruded Terre Doree bricks this has created a beautiful looking façade and showcased the unique appeal of bricks for modern new builds.

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