Winston Churchill School, Woking, Surrey

Winston Churchill School, Woking, Surrey

Client: Mouchel Parkman
Fabricator: Hampshire Commercial Aluminium Systems
Value: £500,000 (to date)
Type of works: Comar 2, 5 and 7 supplied to major refurbishment project.

Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems and Hampshire Commercial Aluminium Systems Limited, a Comar-approved fabricator, have recently completed an extensive refurbishment programme on the Winston Churchill School in Woking, Surrey.

One of the elevations consists of a two-storey, 200m span of cladding, originally timber, which had reached the end of its life cycle.  To totally update the building, Comar 2 window walling was specified with integrated top-hung opening vents and panels.  Comar 2 offered a precise fit to the specification requirements of the building, providing fast-track installation, a wide range of glazing options, integration, security, and high-span mullions and transoms.

Due to its semi-unitised construction, Comar 2 can be fabricated in the factory, shipped and, once on site, the two-part channel and plate clip together to form a 100mm x 45mm or 100mm x 30mm box section. This fast-track installation was imperative, as the works were scheduled to start and finish in holiday time when health and safety issues were minimised. Slim 35mm or 45mm sight lines are available in addition to high-span mullions which offer high deflection loads; again, this helped ensure that the specification of the school was met. Due to Comar 2’s wide range of gasketry and beads, panels and glass can be glazed into the same facade up to 75mm wide. This means there is no need to step-cut the panels and a uniform, eye-catching finish is achieved. For this project, security was naturally a factor and Comar 2 was internally glazed; where floor slabs need to be accounted for, Comar 2 also offers the flexibility of an externally glazed option.

For the opening lights, the Comar 5 50mm casement system was used.  Manual teleflexes were specified on all high-level windows and folding cam-openers on the mid-level vents. Windows were restricted to 100mm and polyester powder-coated in White to create a bright contrast to the Red panels.

For the main entrances, Comar 7 doors were selected. Comar 7 is a flexible door system; from its multi-function profiles, all door configurations can be manufactured. The Winston Churchill School utilized this flexibility; the side entrances were specified as swing doors hung on AXIM transom closers with anti-finger trap stiles, while the main entrances were Comar 7 automatic sliding doors. The auto-doors utilized Comar’s unique automatic door beams, which house most major manufacturers’ bolt-on auto-gearing. Here Ditech was selected, with integrated safety sensors and break out facility.

Hampshire and Comar worked closely with the specifiers at the design stage. This close partnering ensured that site issues were minimized and the project was completed to site deadlines.

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