Yorkshire’s Power Roofs - Retrofit

Yorkshire’s Power Roofs - Retrofit

The South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) set themselves the aim of powering 650 homes with solar electricity by 2012 as part of the ‘Power Roofs’ programme.

The Challenge

The SYHA set themselves the aim of powering 650 homes with solar electricity by 2012. They are off to a good start with 120 homes already generating electricity from solar, and they are on course to own more solar powered properties than any other organisation in the country.

Solarcentury’s Solution

Solarcentury supplied 728 kWp of solar electricity which was installed, by local installation firm Navitas Solar, onto existing properties. The Solarcentury Sunstation systems were used on properties where the existing roof tiles were in good condition; the solar is fixed over the roof tiles. Where the roof tiles were in poor condition, C21e solar electric roof tiles were installed to replace the existing roof tiles, to provide a weathertight covering while producing energy.

Craig Jackson, from SYHA’s LiveGreen team said: “Solar power is a fantastic way to upgrade our existing building stock, as we’re effectively being paid to do it with the Feed-in Tariff and it’s helping to significantly reduce energy costs for our tenants.”

The Feed-in Tariff means that solar offers a guaranteed return on investment for SHYA. They have invested profits into new jobs to help residents understand the benefits of energy saving, helping to further the savings benefits to tenants.

Derry Newman, CEO of Solarcentury, considered the method that SYHA used: “SYHA have approached their solar scheme in a very considered and manageable way... They have come up with a sound, sustainable financial plan using the Feed-in Tariff which means solar can be rolled out at scale.”

The Results

This free energy will help to protect the residents from energy price rises and reduce fuel poverty. Each solar system is expected to meet around 30% of the tenants’ electricity consumption.
SYHA concluded “I urge housing associations to look at the long term investment prospects of this clean technology, the reasons go beyond the environmental and social - they’re now economic.” Craig Jackson.

Solarcentury are delighted to be working with SYHA on a project where the revenue is going back into the wider benefits for the tenants and creating local jobs.

Installing solar is a simple and affordable way to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes. It provides residents with free electricity during daylight hours, and at night electricity can be imported from an energy supplier.

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