YouTube Key Feature in UAP Limited’s Marketing Strategy

YouTube Key Feature in UAP Limited’s Marketing Strategy

UAP Limited are now using YouTube as a fundamental marketing tool to demonstrate key features of all products, show latest innovations and to promote company news.

UAP have already been using the popular social media site for two years but will now use it as an important part of their marketing strategy. YouTube provides the opportunity to share videos easily and to promote them amongst a targeted audience through other channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

In order to make an informed decision when purchasing products customers need to see the products, understand how it works and know the unique selling points. This is one of the reasons for sales meetings; the sales representative can take a sample of products to their client and allow them to play with it to see how it works and what they like about it.

By utilising YouTube, UAP Limited are able to provide customers with this information at their convenience from the comfort of their own home, office or whilst on the move. The information can also be provided instantaneously when a new product is released.

Videos uploaded to YouTube will showcase products and their USP’s, they will also include a tutorial on how to use a product or a guide on how to install it. UAP will be creating a video for the majority of their door hardware, door security and locksmith tool lines. These videos will also be embedded onto the TradeLocks website under the relevant product page.

The latest video from UAP focuses on their range of Hidden Fix Door Knockers demonstrating the key features and showing just how easy they are to attach to a door.

Through YouTube UAP hope to increase traffic to their website and in turn increase sales. UAP Limited Managing Director David Jennings said: “This is an exciting time for marketing with social media providing a platform to connect with potential and existing customers. Also, with the internet providing a world of information at their fingertips, customers are able to thoroughly research all the different brands of products available.

It is for this reason that sites such as YouTube are so useful, we are not only able to describe the unique selling points of our products to customers, we can demonstrate them too at the their convenience from any location at any time.”

UAP launched their YouTube channel two years ago to promote a series of burglary awareness videos featuring Coronation Street’s Sean Wilson (aka Martin Platt). The videos provided solutions to ‘key fishing’, lock bumping and lock snapping, and showcased products that can help protect against bogus callers, these include the Identity Card Entry Slot, door chains and guards and door viewers.

To date UAP have uploaded 24 videos and have received 10,704 views. The most popular video was one raising awareness of lock snapping.

To view all of the videos from UAP Limited visit their YouTube channel

To find out more about products available from UAP Limited contact a member of the Sales Dept. on 0161 796 7268 /

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