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Wavin is a major provider to the commercial construction sector. In the above ground commercial range, Wavin possesses a range of innovative solutions for commercial plumbing and above ground drainage. With the benefit of end-to-end support from our dedicated technical team, industry leading BIM packages and a real commitment to sustainability, Wavin is the perfect choice for your next commercial project.

Soil & Waste


Wavin AS+ is a low-noise acoustic soil and waste piping solution. Optimal sound reduction is achieved through dense material and three-layer pipe structure. Push-fit connections with a pre-lubricated seal allow for a quick and easy installation.

Wavin Solvent Soil & Waste

A sustainable PVC-U soil and waste solution made with Recycore technology using 50% recycled material. Wavin’s light waste connections allow for a seamless installation.

Wavin HDPE

Wavin HDPE offers unparalleled vibration, impact, temperature and chemical resistance in one lightweight system. Connections can be made using both electro-fusion and butt welding.


Wavin Tigris

Tigris offers a multilayer press-fit plumbing solution suitable for several applications in commercial settings. One of Europe’s leading plumbing solutions, Tigris is proven to deliver high performance and significant cost savings.

Wavin Hep2O

Wavin Hep2O is a market-leading plastic push-fit plumbing solution. Four times faster to install than copper, a 50-year guarantee against defects, compatibility with copper and Tigris and In4Sure secure joint technology makes Hep2O the perfect choice for your next project.


Wavin Osma Rainwater Guttering

With a range of 6 different guttering profiles to choose from, Wavin Osma has a guttering solution tailored to your next commercial or industrial project. Each profile offers varying visual, performance and installation aspect to suit varying needs.

Wavin QuickStream

Wavin QuickStream is a siphonic roof drainage solution leveraged by unique design software, optimising performance for every installation and commercial building.


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Wavin is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplier of plastic drainage piping and water management solutions for above ground and below ground projects. Wavin has a range of innovative solutions to meet your requirements, combined with a wealth of...
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