AquaCell NG


AquaCell NG offers the next generation attenuation tank solution for your project. Innovative design is at the product’s core and the advancement presents a significant step in the efficient management of surface water. AquaCell NG stands out from the rest with an esteemed list of sustainable and functional credentials:

• Three times faster installation than previous iterations of AquaCell
• A nested design means four times fewer deliveries to site
• Sustainable advances result in four times lower carbon footprint due to less deliveries to site
• Spatial advances mean 4 times less space is required for storage on site
• Made with 100% recycled plastic

Efficiency is a massive part of the new generation of AquaCell and that is replicated in the installation. Attenuation tanks being installed three times faster more than triples the efficiency of installers from 12m3 per person, per hour to 40m3. Watch AquaCell NG installed in an under a minute here.

AquaCell NG tanks are the easiest to install yet. Push-fit and click-and-go connection, easy lightweight handling and smart clips for the geotextile wrap ensure a smooth installation process for installers.


StormForce is an all-in-one, risk-reducing stormwater management solution. From consultation and design to manufacture, supply and installation, StormForce is the single
source solution to surface water management– with every facet taken care of and warrantied by Wavin. Choose StormForce with AquaCell NG and let Wavin take care of your next project.


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