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dani alu have a range of aluminium roofing products including coping and edging systems, rainwater drainage systems, mechanical equipment supports and solar PV systems.

Couvernet® EWIS - aluminium coping system
Copings with invisible fixings, allowing free expansion between the units. This type of coping can be used to protect parapets, insulation, flat roof coverings and external wall facings. Couvernet is also compatible with the installation of a Barrial safety railing.

• Reduces thermal bridging
• Integral fall to drain rainwater towards the inside
• No cutting of the insulation
• A single mechanical fixing for each support
• Adjustable sliders for proper alignment

Neepal® - aluminium rainwater outlets
Neepal aluminium rainwater outlets combine the longevity of aluminium and the malleability of lead for connecting flat roof coverings to rainwater drainage pipes. The plate is manufactured from non-annealed aluminium allowing adaptation to irregularities in the sub-base. The reliability of the manufacturing process guarantees rigidity and watertightness.

Origal® - aluminium gravel-protection strips and boxes
Aluminium gravel-protection strip works by forming a boundary between zones of gravel and planting on flat roofs, for the drainage of rainwater. Origal consists of a gravel-protection box (gravel stop) with aluminium grille to prevent gravel entering rainwater outlets or pipes on flat roofs protected with gravel. The Origal systems are supplied flat to save space and are fast and easy to assemble due to specific machining.

Solinet® - flashing for roof covering upstands with or without EWIS
Solinet provides protection for roof covering upstands on flat roofs. The Solinet range has been designed for protection against rainwater, for the insulation of flat roofs and of flat roofs with slabs on pads, for public works and for the mechanical fixing of PVC membranes.

Rivnet® - aluminium roof edging and parapet wall raising piece system
The roof edging strips have two essential functions:

• to keep rainwater away from the external wall facings
• to provide a stop for the roof covering at the edge of the parapet wall

Following the installation of insulation on a flat roof, the parapet wall raising pieces will allow the flat roof covering to be turned up when the height of the parapet does not comply with DTU rules.

Dilat® 40/60 - watertight mechanical expansion joint for car parks
Dilat can be used in car parks, loading bays, building courtyards, shopping centres, etc. The Dilat joint is characterised by its ease of installation. Dilat is the durable solution to problems of watertightness encountered with traditional expansion joints.

Drain® - systems to drain rainwater from macadam pavings
Drain allows rainwater and surface water to be drained away from the deck of a bridge. Drain is available in two versions:

• Rectangular Drain in aluminium
• Spiral Drain in stainless steel

Drain is an important element in the drainage of water from civil engineering structures with a roadway surfaced with permeable macadam.

Helial® D - aluminium support system for solar panels
Purpose-made support structure, adjustable in three dimensions, for thermal or photovoltaic solar panels. Patented system to provide a fixing on a flat roof in compliance with French DTUs 43.1 and 20.12 through the roof coverings. Assembly sized in compliance with Eurocodes.

The system combines ease of installation and of transport. The slope can vary to suit the type of panel and the geographical zone.

Helial® Integration - complete roof system incorporating photovoltaic modules
The system comprises insulation covered with an aluminium structure and rigid photovoltaic modules. The assembly of the aluminium structure and the photovoltaic modules is completely waterproof. The quality of the materials selected gives the system a lifespan much longer than that of traditional roof coverings.

The high-performance insulation (R> 5 m² K / W) enables the building to comply with French BBC (low consumption building) or positive energy standards.

Sherpal® - aluminium supporting structure system for mechanical services equipment on a flat roof
It can be used for items of equipment such as a fan motor, air handling unit, etc.

Enables fixing to the concrete roof slab through the roof covering. Complies with French DTUs 43.1 and 20.12 and with Eurocodes. Available from stock and tested (snow and wind calculations available) Installation made easier by three-point adjustment.


Availability<1 week
FinishesMill aluminium, anodised or PPC
SizesBespoke manufacture of all systems and profiles - project specific supply
ColoursMill aluminium, anodised or any RAL choice
Other guarantees10 Years
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