An Overview of the Buzon Adjustable Pedestal Range

An Overview of the Buzon Adjustable Pedestal Range

Your project is fast approaching. You have your decking/paving design in place. Now it’s time to specify your products to make your drawings a reality.

One crucial aspect of your external flooring project is how you’re going to overcome the challenges presented to you on your project. Perhaps you’re working with uneven groundworks? Falls? Maybe you need to think about the function of your area. Will it be subjected to heavy foot traffic? Will you need to incorporate slopes and ramps? Steps?

In this post, Buzon gives an overview of the Buzon pedestal range, highlighting what challenges they help you overcome.

Heavy Footfalls? Falls? Ramps? Slopes?

If your decked or paved area is going to be used by a lot of people, or if it involves falls ramps and slopes, then you need an adjustable pedestal with enhanced strength and durability.

For this type of project, Buzon recommends the DPH range. DPH is a firm favourite amongst the Buzon pedestal family due to its significant versatility.

Key features:

• Height adjustment from 15 to 955mm
• Quick to install
• Slope correction up to 10%
• Suitable settings range from small rooftop terraces to large commercial installations

An Adjustable Pedestal for Heavy Pavers, Tiles, and Decks

If you’re intending on using heavier surface materials such as thick natural stone tiles or concrete, then you should consider an adjustable pedestal with an enlarged surface head.

Enter: The PB pedestal. The enlarged design of the surface head makes it highly capable of supporting heavier surface materials.

Key features:

• Height adjustment from 15 to 955mm
• Quick to install
• Slope correction up to 10%
• Suitable settings range from small rooftop terraces to large commercial installations

Working with Intricate and Irregular Tile/Paver Arrangements?

Not all paving and tile designs are rectilinear. You may wish to add an element of creativity and intrigue by incorporating unusually shaped tiles or pavers.

This will require a pedestal that incorporates the use of rectangular and circular tabs that can be individually positioned and locked into place for zero movement underfoot.

For this type of project, Buzon recommends the BC Pedestal range.

Key features:

• Height adjustment from 11-1130mm
• Slope correction up to 15%
• Unique locking system to ensure no movement between tiles/pavers occur

Fire-Rated Adjustable Pedestals

Many schemes require the use of fire-rated materials for all flooring components to comply with Building Regulations. Buzon offers two fire-rated pedestal options: BC-FR and A-PED.


With all the credentials of the BC range but with a Bfl-S1 rating, BC-FR is perfectly suited to external flooring applications ranging from terraces, patios, decking, paving and any other raised floor which demands a B fire-rating flooring system.


The A-PED is an A1 Fire-Rated Adjustable Pedestal made from recycled aluminium and zinc-coated steel. It is suitable for high-rise external flooring projects or any situation that requires a completely non-combustible solution.

It is also the most advanced Class A1 fire-rated pedestal available on the market with an integrated slope corrector which allows up to 5% of millimetre-precise correction, and a large load spreader plate base that won’t compromise insulation or waterproof membrane. These features make it compatible with both paving, decking and grating.

Off-the-Shelf BRoof (T4) System

It is now possible to specify an off-the-shelf Broof (T4) system, which includes the A-PED, alongside other materials such as membrane, waterproofing, insulation and surface material.

All components have been tested together, as a complete system – which is crucial for B Roof (T4) compliance.

Contact Buzon for more information about the certified build ups.

Working with Irregular-Shaped Landscapes? Installing Over Utilities?

Sometimes your project will present exceptional technical challenges that cannot be overcome with adjustable pedestals alone. Here Buzon is talking about irregular-shaped areas, random tile patterns, installation over utilities, and expansion joints.

In these instances, you may need to consider a rail-based adjustable support system, such as ALUrail. The full system build-up comprises an aluminium joist supported by adjustable pedestals from the Buzon ranges, and a choice of accessories depending on your chosen application, whether it’s paving or decking on a podium, balcony or roof terrace.


Note – you can also mix and match pedestals to accommodate your needs. You may require the use of ALUrail, for example, on one section of your area.

With so many products and accessories (over 200) in the Buzon offering, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for. Buzon hopes this post has helped you in your product research, but if you need further guidance, their experts are always on hand. Just call +44 (0)20 8614 0874.

Buzon also provides in-person and virtual CPD training sessions designed to educate specifiers about the benefits of Buzon pedestals, the different pedestal products available and installation guidance. It also covers how Buzon pedestals, and their accessories, can be specified to meet the design needs of the client and for the project. Get in touch to discuss your digital CPD training session.

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