Anti Theft Letter Boxes | Post Boxes UK continues to develop secure communal mailboxes

Anti Theft Letter Boxes | Post Boxes UK continues to develop secure communal mailboxes

Post Boxes UK continues to be a market leader in providing high-security, anti theft letter boxes for communal buildings and apartment blocks.

After the initial introduction of their range of high-security, anti-theft mailboxes 6 years ago, Post Boxes UK continues to provide protective postal solutions to apartment blocks and other communal buildings where the possibility of mail theft could pose a real threat.

The team first developed their anti-theft post boxes in response to a growing societal issue: identity theft. Increasing concerns from residents put pressure on new building developers to integrate a solution to this issue into new projects. Post Boxes UK responded to the demand for such products by developing a range of mailboxes that were not only more robust, but also incorporated latest technologies to prevent break-ins.

Since the pandemic, the need for such protective measures in post boxes is higher than ever, as desperation has seen a rise in scams and identity theft. Being able to stop opportunistic criminals from accessing people’s confidential mail through fishing or lock-picking can be a big help in protecting residents.

The team at Post Boxes UK have tackled this issue through designing anti-theft mailboxes with a number of technical aspects that prevent multiple breaching methods. It was found that the method used to break-in to a letterbox would differ between internal units and external mail banks. With external banks, we see more instances of “jemmying” mailboxes open with a tool such as a screwdriver, whilst internal letterboxes were more prone to less destructive methods, such as putting a hand into the opening and “fishing” out mail or carefully picking the lock. Post Boxes UK’s MD, Charles Riley, was determined to find a way to put a stop to this.

The ‘Robust Vertical’ (RV) and ‘Robust Horizontal’ (RH) mailboxes developed for the Secure/Anti-Fishing range come in a range of sizes, from 15 litre to 30 litre capacity, and are all made with 2.00mm zintec galvanised steel to protect against forceful entry.

Each letterbox is equipped with a 10-disc security cam lock, with 2000 different combinations. Upon request, these locks can even be upgraded to anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick high-security locks boasting upwards of 5 million possible combinations. In addition to these measures, the range also includes extended anti-fishing baffles within each post box, angled precisely so as to prevent unauthorised hand access whilst still allowing flawless mail delivery.

All of Post Boxes UK’s anti theft letter boxes are updated to remain compliant wherever possible with British Standards, Secured by Design Homes Guide 2019 and regulations set by the European Norm EN13724.

For more information about anti-theft mailboxes or how Post Boxes UK can meet your unique requirements, please get in touch on 01922 218218 or via email at

If you’ve had a problem with letterbox security, the Team would love to hear from you to ensure they can keep addressing new ways in which mailboxes are being broken into.

See the complete range of robust anti theft mailboxes at

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