Avoid slipping, discover ULMA's composite gratings

Avoid slipping, discover ULMA's composite gratings

Screaming children playing, splashing water, buzzing mosquitoes, the smell of sun cream, ice cream and a lot of heat.

It can be a beach, a lake or a wonderful swimming pool. The choice is yours.

Everyone has their own preferences, but no one doubts that the best place to cool off in summer is in the water - or in the shade, of course.

ULMA was recently chosen to install ULMA channels with composite grating at a swimming pool in Düsseldorf. Here's why they were chosen for the project.

Let's start by noting that on the beach or in the pool, it is normal to go barefoot and as such, safety is key. That is why it is important to choose a surface that is as smooth and pleasant to walk on as possible.

ULMA's composite gratings have a smooth and soft surface, but they also have grooves with a short distance between them.

What is this feature useful for? To prevent anyone from slipping a finger or a heel through the openings when walking over them. ULMA call this feature the anti-heel feature. And as you can imagine, they prevent more than one trip.

Another reason for choosing them is that, as they are made of composite, they do not rust, so neither time nor water spoils this model. This can happen with gratings made of other materials, such as cast iron or galvanised, but not with this one.

For this particular project the Hydroplus channels, made of polypropylene, light and resistant channels with a modular and robust design were installed, these are designed for load classes up to C-250 according to the EN-1433 standard.

This family of channels is available in different widths of 100 and 200 and are compatible with the full range of gratings available for polymer concrete channels.

If you have a pool project in hand or any other type of drainage need, ULMA are sure they can help you.

With these channels and gratings, no matter who you ask, everyone is happy:

> Pool users, because they don't slip or trip.
> The maintenance workers, because as they do not rust, they do not need maintenance or replacement.
> The builder, because of its competitive price and speed of installation.
> The designer, because of their hydraulic capacity, resistance and safety.

As you can see, as well as avoiding accidents, ULMA's drainage channels manage to efficiently drain the water that comes out of the pool with each jump.

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