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In homes with a basement, approximately 20% of the building’s total heat loss can be attributed to the basement walls, which can also contribute to surface condensation if lacking a proper insulation solution.

All rooms in direct contact with the soil should have enhanced thermal insulation to minimise heat loss, prevent the development of cold bridges at footings and to avoid undesirable condensation.

Irrespective of the type of load, the best thermal insulation option for industrial floors can be chosen from the Ravatherm XPS X product range.

Each of the three options guarantees excellent thermal insulation, high compressive strength and stability during the foreseeable life of the building.

Efficient thermal insulation is an important aspect of any cold-storage facility’s floor structure, helping to maintain the correct internal temperature, as well as saving precious energy.

Basement Retaining Floors

Ravatherm XPS X is highly suitable for underground thermal insulation, and has a number of benefits:
• Closed-cell structure
• Excellent thermal insulation capability
• Water-resistance
• High compressive strength.

Swimming Pool Floors

Insulating the structure of heated swimming pools reduces heat loss to the surrounding ground and the need for energy to maintain water temperature.

Ravatherm XPS X is placed below the pool floor slab, surrounding the pool retaining walls which easily meets requirements and offers several advantages for insulation of pool structures:
• High load-bearing capacity due to high compressive strength and E-modules
• Low thermal conductivity
• Easy and quick to instal
• Safe long-term floor and retaining wall structure

Where pools are installed within a building then the surrounding floor U value may dictate the thickness of insulation around the pool recess and Building Control should be consulted to determine requirements for the floor and pool.

To learn more, please visit the E-Learning: Introduction to Ravatherm XPS X module.


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Ravago Building Solutions

Ravago Building Solutions

Ravago Building Solutions is the largest producer of extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation in Europe, manufacturing the market leading Ravatherm XPS X range.

Ravatherm XPS X products are made and despatched from King’s Lynn in Norfolk,...
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