Bulthaup launches the new Bulthaup air extractor with wing slats.

Bulthaup launches the new Bulthaup air extractor with wing slats.

Optimised lighting and air filtration when preparing food demands mobility and flexibility. These requirements are essential for ergonomic and functional kitchen design. In the quest for a product that guarantees maximum illumination and air filtration when preparing food, Bulthaup came up with the idea of creating a horizontal floating line of light in combination with an aerodynamic shape, equipped with an energy-efficient recirculation system.

Aside from the technical demands, the extractor and its illumination function also satisfy the highest aesthetic criteria. From the side, on can see how the air is drawn in via the suction effect, circulated, compacted and then released into the flue, which is indicated in the diagram. The new extractor's compact size and aerodynamic use of form assures uniqueness. This fact clearly differentiates bulthaup from the competition. When the air recirculation is activated, the two slats that run along the lighting strip open to the side and expose the entire extraction surface. The aerodynamic side view lets one actually feel the movement and compaction of the rising air.

The extractor, suspended from the ceiling on two steel cables, can be positioned effortlessly over cooktops, dining tables and kitchen islands, responding perfectly to the needs of its users. People who like to prepare food, such as fondue, raclette or teppanyaki dishes, at the table, will find having the extractor positioned directly over the dining table a functional and attractive alternative. The infinitely adjustable light function, a T5 fluorescent tube, can be switched on independently of the extractor function. Featuring the latest recirculated air technology, the bulthaup extractor complies with the technical requirements of energy-saving homes, cuts energy costs and saves valuable resources.

As the kitchen becomes the hub of the home and the function of the room is reinterpreted, the extractor’s flexibility fits in beautifully with any changing lifestyle. Doing away with all that is superfluous, focusing only on the essentials – this approach has been followed by bulthaup for many years in the design of living spaces where people cook, communicate and talk, and is an approach in which people and their needs come first. Bulthaup is the perfect solution for those who accept no compromise, reinterpret conventional planning ideas and who want to redefine and redesign rooms

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