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A cost-effective range of cast stone products: Vapour Cured Semi Dry, Wet Cast, GRC lightweight stone, using standard and bespoke mouldings to add luxury features to residential and commercial buildings.

Ideal for one off house-builds as well as entire building developments, Amber Valley Stone cast stone is a cost-effective option for bringing a touch of luxury to your project.

Suitable for use in a wide range of applications, whether you need balcony screens for luxury housing or string courses and copings for commercial buildings.

Available in a variety of finishes and colours, Amber Valley Stone use standard and bespoke mouldings to complete your project. Their colour matching service also means that new buildings can be added seamlessly, keeping designs and colours uniform.

Specifications available:

Vapour Cured Semi Dry
With the look and texture of natural stone, and the ability to be moulded into almost any shape, Amber Valley Stone’s unique vapour cured semi dry cast stone provides virtually unlimited architectural opportunities.

Amber Valley Stone can manufacture everything from columns and corbels, date stones and keystones, to porticos, pavilions and pier caps.

Whatever your scheme, their premium limestone is perfect for creating or reproducing beautiful cast stonework. With a mass-scale manufacturing process capable of many units being cast in the same day, it’s cost-effective too.

Wet Cast Acid Etched
Amber Valley Stone’s wet cast stone is useful for complex reinforcements, load-bearing situations and where there is a high degree of environmental exposure.

This has a surface texture which weathers more slowly than any semi dry cast stone. It offers a hard, durable finish for a more contemporary feel. It’s capable of meeting most manufacturing demands: from very large panels requiring a steel reinforcement cage, to the precise rendering of fine detail, including lightly-etched or more heavily-etched exposed aggregate finishes.

Suitable for architects, builders or construction companies, Amber Valley Stone can offer a fully bespoke service. Their professional CAD designers and experienced project managers will help bring your project to life.

GRC Lightweight Stone
Architectural GRC, also known as glass fibre reinforced concrete or GFRC, is a dense cast stone product with a texture which can be varied by secondary surface treatments.

Lighter than their vapour cured semi dry cast and wet cast stone, yet just as strong and durable, this material can be formed into virtually any size, shape or finish. It’s a modern favourite amongst Amber Valley Stone’s customers.

Its unique combination of high strength and low weight – up to 80% lighter traditional cast stone counterparts – together with the fact that it’s easy to both handle and install, makes GRC popular with many architects and property developers.

It’s commonly chosen for use in traditional and timber-framed builds, for retro-fitting to building structures, and Amber Valley Stone’s popular items of door surrounds and clip-over copings to timber frame.

This glass fibre reinforced concrete requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking smart. So, if you’re needing a reliable, environmentally-sound material for your residential, office or large commercial project, GRC could be the choice for you.

You can request a sample from Amber Valley Stone here.

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